NFT Collection

An NFT gallery app for iOS

Clean and simple.

Your NFT collection will always be a tap away... and it will look beautiful.

Everything in one place.

With a simple interface, all of your NFTs from the Ethereum blockchain will always be front and center. The media, the information, links to the communities, and more. If you want to show off, sharing your collection is just one tap away, too.

Privacy is important.

The app only requires the public address of the wallet where your NFTs reside. There will be no wallet connection requests — and certainly no transactions! All data is yours and it will never be saved outside the app. This is all possible thanks to the OpenSea API that's used to fetch your collection.

Built for iOS.

Supports the best features you know from your favorite iOS apps, such as widgets and augmented reality. Now your homescreen and home alike can be decorated with digital art from your collection.

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NFT Collection's Privacy Policy
Last updated: 2021-05-5
Briefly - Your privacy is super important. No personally-identifiable information is collected or used other than for fetching your data from the blockchain via OpenSea and being able to interact with its official API.Not so briefly -1. No personally-identifiable information is ever sent outside the app to any third-party services besides OpenSea in order to enable the required app functionality.2. Anonymized crash reports are handled by Apple, which are opt-in only.3. It is possible to access links associated to an NFT from inside the app, such as Twitter or Discord. This action explicitly requires user interaction and is never done automatically, so you can opt out by not interacting with these links. These links' services will handle your data differently than the app does.4. We have no responsibility or liability for the content or activities of these third-party services. These third-party services have their own privacy policies and user agreements.5. If you choose to contact support, your email is never shared with anyone else and is only used to reply to you.6. By using this app, you consent to this privacy policy.7. If this policy were to be changed at some point, this shall be reflected on the "Last updated" info at the top. For any questions, please use the contact form.